So you created a paper wallet and now you need to transfer XRP from a paper wallet to another wallet or exchange.

Here’s how you do it in 6 easy steps.

To transfer XRP from a paper wallet to another wallet address you need to generate a transaction and sign the transaction with your private key.

We will be using the Toast Wallet app for the transfer. Toast Wallet is available for IOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows.

Transfer XRP from a paper wallet using Toast Wallet for IOS, Android, Linux, Windows or Mac.

Once you have Toast downloaded and installed, open it up. Now you’re ready to set your PIN code and follow these steps.

Transfer XRP From a Paper Wallet to Toast Wallet

  1. Select Add Account.
  2. Select Add Existing Address.
  3. Enter your private key in the “Secret” field.
  4. leave the “Address” field empty.
  5. Enter your “Account Nickname” and pick a secure “Passphrase”.
  6. Click the “Import Account” button to finish.

Once you’re done with setting up your Toast Wallet account, you are now able to transfer your XRP to an exchange or another wallet.

If you need further help navigating through Toast Wallet, watch this Toast Wallet walkthrough video.

Transferring XRP from Toast Wallet to an Exchange or Another Wallet

Much like how you initially stored your XRP in a paper wallet, you can send to another wallet address.

  1. Open Toast Wallet.
  2. Select your Account.
  3. Click the dollar sign in the bottom toolbar. This will take you to a Send screen.
  4. Enter the address you wish to send your XRP to in the “To Address” field.
  5. Enter “0” – without quotes in the “Destination Tag” field.
  6. Enter the amount your sending in the “Amount” field.
    • Note: You must send at least 20 XRP – the reserve fee.
    • In addition, you must also leave 20 XRP in the account you’re sending from.

Storing XRP on a Ledger Nano S

If you have a Ledger Nano S, view my guide on Storing XRP on a Ledger Nano S Wallet. In this guide I show you how to do it step-by-step.

Transfer XRP from a paper wallet to a Ledger Nano S using Toast Wallet.

I recommend buying the Ledger Nano S — it’s the recommended hardware wallet for storing XRP safely. Take a look at all of these safety features it provides you.


In this article you learned how to transfer XRP from a paper wallet onto Toast Wallet in 6 easy steps. By using Toast Wallet, you’re able to send your XRP to another wallet or exchange.

My question to you is have you ever used a paper wallet?

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