Here’s a list of the top 10 free software options you can use for storing XRP safely and cheaply on IOS, Android and Desktop.

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before starting, know that every XRP wallet you store XRP in requires a reserve of 20 XRP. So, if you start storing your Ripple XRP on all different wallets, you will have to leave 20 XRP on each one.

According to Ripple, the reserve was put in place “to protect the shared global ledger from growing excessively large as the result of spam or malicious usage.”

With this in mind, it’s best to read about each XRP wallet and choose your favorite one. Below is a list of free wallets to safely store your Ripple XRP.

Ripple Wallet IOS

Ripple Wallet Android

Ripple Desktop Wallets

Other Methods

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Ripple Wallet Android

For some, storing crypto inside a Ripple wallet app is the best method. By using an app, you have immediate access to your cryptocurrency. You can easily transfer to another wallet or exchange it for another currency.

However, some would argue that it’s not the safest option out there.

Due to the nature of phones having constant access to the internet, they give hackers a way in – constantly.

Be extra safe by using an offline crypto storage method like the Ledger Nano S or an old computer that isn’t always connected to the internet. Check out my easy Ledger Nano S setup guide.

In any case, if you trust your phones security – The following is a list of apps available for IOS and Android.

Best Ripple Wallet App for IOS


Uphold is a free IOS app for buying and storing cryptocurrency. With that being said, Uphold is a great app for you to store your XRP and even add to your position.

Uphold Fees

Uphold is free to set up an account and hold your funds. Funding your account via bank account, bitcoin, XRP or another Uphold account is free.

However, there is a 3.99% fee when using a Debit/Credit Card or China Union Pay to fund your account.

As for withdrawing funds, you will incur a flat $2.99 fee to move funds off of Uphold. This includes moving your XRP onto another wallet or exchange. In addition, you’ll be charged another flat $3.99 fee when withdrawing to a bank account.

Send XRP to the Uphold App

Start by opening the Uphold app and going to the My Cards tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, if you have an XRP card, select it from your list of cards. Otherwise, click the “+” symbol in the top right-hand corner to add a new XRP card.

For more information on using the Uphold app, visit my buy XRP quickly and easily guide. There I’ll show you how to create an XRP card on the Uphold app and fund it with a bank account.

On your Uphold XRP card, click Add Funds at the bottom of the screen. Now, select the Fund With Cryptocurrency or Utility Token option. Select “XRP-Ledger (XRP)” to retrieve your Ripple XRP wallet address and destination tag.


Evercoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet that can be used for storing XRP safely on your IOS device.

Similar to Shapeshift, this exchange will allow you to exchange crypto assets for XRP. In addition, you can exchange your XRP for other assets directly from the app.

Transfer XRP to the Evercoin App

Start by loading the Evercoin IOS app and selecting Ripple XRP from the list of currencies. Now, you’ll see SEND and RECEIVE options at the top of the screen. Select the RECEIVE option to display your Ripple XRP wallet address.


The Wirex wallet is a different beast when it comes to storing your crypto. They don’t currently offer support for the United States. However, if your country is listed on the Wirex website it’s worth getting.

Wirex allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as use your crypto in-store by using their Wirex VISA Debit card.

Fees Charged by Wirex

Wirex is free to create an account and store your assets on their platform. However, their $1.50 maintenance fee may deter you.

Wirex Card Fees

In addition to the maintenance fee, there is a $1.50 fee when using your card at an ATM in Europe. There is a $3.50 fee at an ATM outside of Europe. See more about Wirex fees and card limits at

Top Android Wallet Apps for Storing Ripple XRP

Cryptonator Wallet

Out of all Play Store apps, Cryptonator Wallet has the most impressive review stats.

With a 4-star average review out of over 6,600 reviews, Cryptonator is the most trusted Android app for storing Ripple XRP safely.

Cryptonator Fees

Cryptonator charges a 0.1 XRP fee when sending your XRP to another wallet. Fees are subject to change. Visit for a full list of fees.

Ripple Wallet

Another option for Android users is the Ripple Wallet app. Ripple Wallet has a 4-star rating and 91 reviews.


As previously listed, the Wirex Android app stands out by offering a physical Visa Debit card for paying with crypto in-store.

Be sure to visit for a full list of supported card locations.

Ripple Desktop Wallet

Exodus Desktop App

This Ripple desktop wallet has it all, beauty and brains. Exodus wallet provides a clean user interface for storing Ripple XRP safely.

Exodus wallet features portfolio, wallet, exchange and backup tabs. By using Exodus wallet, you’re able to convert other assets into Ripple XRP or vice-versa. Here’s a link to the Exodus Ripple wallet download

Send XRP to Exodus Wallet

Start by opening the wallet tab and searching for “XRP”. Select Ripple XRP from the result and click the “Receive” button to display your XRP wallet address.

Gatehub XRP Wallet

Opposing from the norm, Gatehub Wallet embraces the fact that it is an online only crypto wallet.

Being online, Gatehub XRP wallet can provide access to your crypto 24/7 from any computer with internet access. Just be cautious about using public computers to access your account.

Gatehub XRP Fees

Gatehub wallet singles out “Ripple” XRP in their Fee Schedule page, charging a 0.2% fee. However, opening an account with Gatehub is free.

Send XRP to the Gatehub Wallet

Start by visiting the Gatehub website and logging in or registering an account. Once you’re logged in, click the “WALLET” tab in the left sidebar. Now, click the “Deposit / Receive” button to view the Deposit Funds popup.

View your Ripple XRP wallet address by clicking the “XRP LEDGER” option.

Ripple Paper Wallet

Generating a Ripple Paper Wallet Address

By far, the simplest method for storing your Ripple XRP is by generating a paper wallet.

What is a paper wallet?

As the name implies, a paper wallet is a piece of paper that you would write an XRP address and secret key on.

Here’s a few sites you can use to generate an XRP address and secret key:

Then you would place your paper in a secure location, such as a safe or safe deposit box.


These 10 free options for IOS, Android, Mac and Windows will give you the tools necessary to begin storing your Ripple XRP safely and cheaply.

Are there any Ripple XRP wallets that you use that I haven’t listed? Feel free to leave a comment on your favorite wallet to use.

Visit the Resources page for more XRP related tutorials and crypto exchange guides. If you found this list of free XRP wallets useful, please share it with your friends.

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