If you’re like me, you’re always in search of ways to add to your crypto stash. Luckily by using Coinbase Earn, I was able to add an additional $128 worth to my wallet. It’s as simple as signing up and watching a few short educational videos. Not only will you earn free crypto, but you’ll learn about these exciting new projects!

Get an additional $10 just by creating a Coinbase account.

Here’s the breakdown

Earn free crypto from Coinbase Earn such as OXT, XTZ, DAI, EOS, XLM, and BAT

After earning your crypto, you are able to sell or trade it instantly through the Coinbase exchange. Coinbase supports a vast array of different crypto assets. Luckily, they now even support XRP – so you could actually trade it all for XRP. If you simply wish to cash out to your bank account, Coinbase charges $2.99 USD + 1.49% of the total sale.

Other Methods of Getting Free Crypto

What if I told you, you could earn free crypto just by switching browsers? What is this wizardry you may ask? It’s the Brave browser. A new browser created with your privacy in mind.

Besides earning crypto through Coinbase, you can earn daily just by switching to the Brave browser. It’s based on the chromium web browser and offers all of the same extensions as Chrome. The only difference being, Brave does not track your habits or collect your data like Chrome.

Brave pays you in a cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token). Optionally, you can turn on ads and scale the frequency up or down to receive more/less BAT. Depending on your browsing habits, you can earn 90+ BAT per month (based on 12+ hours a day.) At the current rate of $0.032 USD per BAT, that’s $2.88 USD per month.

You may be thinking that’s nothing… It’s not worth switching. But if you think about it; you are getting paid while also protecting your privacy. In addition, it helps pay for some of the electricity your computer uses.

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